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About me

About Dr James Revell's chiropractic journey
James Revell 

People often ask about my chiropractic journey and why I became a chiropractor. 

My Chiropractic journey when I was thirteen years old growing up in Woodingdean. I started to suffer with back aches after playing rugby and sports at school but when I told my teachers and mother they said it was just “growing pains” and to ignore it. As far as I was concerned they knew best and so I just ignored it. A few months later I also started to get headaches. I told my mother and she decided to take me to a chiropractor.

It all seemed a bit strange and I was nervous that I would have to get undressed. What was a “chiro-thingy” anyway. We filled in some forms and waited to see him. I remember the chiropractor had a lot of letters after his name which I thought was impressive. When we met him he was friendly and spoke to me personally even though I was “just” a teenager. I remember he was friendly and approachable, immediately putting me at ease. We then spent what seemed like ages going over all my past medical history and then he did some tests. At the end he explained what was going on. He explained first to my mother and then directly to me. 

We returned for a few more visits and my headaches and low back aches started to feel better. I was quite surprised. After all I had been told my aches and pain were “normal” and to “just get on with things”. I can still remember finishing a game of rugby (I was a prop forward) without any back pain. I couldn’t believe it. 


After A-Levels I went on to take on a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Essex. Still a keen rugby player, a few bruises and knocks were part of the game. The usual remedy was a few beers (yes, I did do it sometimes…) and to just get on with things. 

I was particularly hurt during one game in my first year of university by an enormous player twice my age and weight. I knew I was in trouble when the beers did not help that evening. The next day I was in a lot of pain and went to see my GP who gave me strong pain killers, but even they didn’t help. I still couldn’t walk without being in agony.

In the end as a last resort I went to see a chiropractor near my university. This time the treatment worked straight away. Now I was really inspired.

My Chiropractic journey continued when I graduated from Essex with a BSc (HONS) Biological Sciences 2:1 degree. I was also proud of having been second team captain, as well as being awarded a Diploma in Sport / my Rugby Colours.

In my final year I had really considered training to become a GP, an osteopath or physiotherapist. However in the end all my research and inspiration kept me coming back to chiropractic.

I applied to the Chiropractic Sciences course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth. This is the oldest and most established chiropractic college in Europe.

We started a touch rugby team (much safer) and I was also elected Student Union Vice President and filled various Executive Officer roles on the Student Union for most of my time at the college.

I was also lucky enough to be elected to go as a delegate, representing the AECC on a number of conferences around the world; Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic in Toronto; Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia; Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, USA. I also arranged trips to International Chiropractors Association seminarsn in Lisbon, Portugal and to Life University in Georgia, USA.

I subsequently attained the ‘Doctor of Chiropractic’ title from the European Chiropractic Union, which was something I had aspired to since my very first introduction to chiropractic.

As a student I had dreamed of opening my own practice and had started work on a Mission Statement. These early ideals evolved over the next few years into the Mission Statement we have at Lushington Chiropractic today, which is “to provide a warm and welcoming clinic which consistently delivers the best possible customer service, expert diagnosis and personalised healthcare.”

My career

In 2003, my Chiropractic journey took me to Portsmouth, where I worked for Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. James Shevell DC and started my career. I loved that patient treatment was completely health-focused. The goal was to help the body work better, not just numb the symptoms. The focus was on “fixing the problem”.

In 2004, I started my own practice here in Eastbourne at Apollo Centre for Health. I liked the town and started to put down some long term roots.

It took a while to find the perfect place but as soon as we saw the street my wife and I fell in love with Lushington Road. We moved into number 30 on Friday 11th March 2005. There was a lot of work to be done. By the Monday morning, it was overflowing with builders! We finally opened three months later.

I can’t believe how time flies. It seems only yesterday that we were desperately trying to finish the painting and getting College of Chiropractors and were also the first clinic in the country to earn a Buy With Confidence mark from Trading Standards.

All the studying and endless exams seem a long way behind me now, but one thing that has not diminished is my enthusiasm for practice. Each day I love treating patients and still find it a privilege to be part of their healthcare journey.

I absolutely love my job and will always strive to create the best possible welcome and high standards of ethical care for everyone who chooses this healthcare option.

To all of our patients I would like to say a big thank you for all their kind words, and for choosing Lushington Chiropractic.

Choosing your Eastbourne Chiropractor

It takes five years, lots of studying, a dissertation or two and many practical/theory exams to qualify as a Doctor of Chiropractic. However, in addition to all that chiropractic training I think the most important quality a chiropractor needs to have s to care about the people they see.

All of the chiropractors at our Eastbourne chiropractic clinic are passionate about helping the people they see. 

You’ll find that our chiropractors will listen to you and will explain and share the decision process with you. 

We’ve seen thousands of people at our chiropractic clinic, and most of them have been personally recommended to us by friends and family from around Eastbourne and Sussex. I think the reason people choose us to help them over other treatments and clinics they could choose in Eastbourne is our genuine caring attention and high standards of treatment. 

Your visit

When you see a Lushington Chiropractor, we will want to get to the root of the problem. We will ask you what YOUR health goals are and what you want to get out of your chiropractic treatment.

Some people’s concept of “getting better”, is relieving the immediate pain, pins and needles or other symptoms they have come in with. Others not only want to get to the root of the problem, but want to maximise their health, function and prevent further problems in the future. Each of these chiropractic and health goals requires a slightly different approach to the consultation, treatment and chiropractic care, which is why we feel it’s important to tailor everyone’s care plan to suit them personally.

Most people feel a lot better in the first weeks of treatment. But, proper rehabilitation and optimisation can take a lot longer. How long you use chiropractic to help you is your choice. 

After your chiropractic consultation, we will give you a clear explanation of what to expect with your chiropractic treatment. We will discuss how long it will take to reach your goals.

We believe that your chiropractic or massage treatment should be delivered as a “personalised package of care” which means tailoring what we do to you. Try out some of our self help advice

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