Real Patient Stories

Real Patient Stories

Below are some real patient stories. Each story gives a some detail about the issue the person having and how chiropractic has helped them.

Alan's real patient story - Testimonial


After nearly ten years of back and neck pain I met Dr James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic – not medical doctor), from the very first appointment I knew there was a future free from pain. After a few sessions I was able to start low impact exercise and then started running (slowly!) The pain in my back quickly became manageable and the following year I completed the London Marathon, this was a dream I felt I would never have achieved without James.

Rebecca's real patient Story


I first saw Dr James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic – not medical doctor) in February 2008. I had injured myself skiing in 2005 and had aggravated the injury in two subsequent skiing trips. Unfortunately I did not seek treatment at the time. My incentive to find out what I had done was a trip to New York that I had planned with my sister in April where I knew that there would hours of walking around.

By this stage I found it difficult to walk for more than about half an hour without feeling as if my hip bones were grinding against each other causing me extreme pain. Even simple tasks such a painting my toe nails were really painful.

From my first visit I was very impressed by the detail that was asked of me about not only the problem that I presented, but also about my previous medical history and my family history. I have not only received physical treatment but also advice on my exercise regime and food and vitamin intake. I was amazed with the speed in which the problem was alleviated and enjoyed a very successful sightseeing and shopping trip.


I had regular treatments and James has helped immensely. He helped get my neck pain under control. The pain and discomfort was really getting me down before.

The freedom of movement in my neck is wonderful and I look forward to my monthly treatment to keep it under control.

The clinic has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and the staff soon get to know you by name. I would highly recommend James Revell, he has a professional warm manner and cares about your whole wellbeing.

Ellie's real patient Story


I first saw James for chiropractic treatment when he had his chiropractor clinic near Princes Park in Eastbourne. I was a teenager when Mum and Dad took me to get his chiropractic advice on a hamstring problem I was suffering with. I was a very keen sprinter, but despite trying physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture I kept getting a hamstring problem when I competed. I’d suffered for years with this recurrent hamstring spasm and back pain which was holding my sporting career back.

James was very thorough and above all helpful. He explained everything and the chiropractic treatment worked! My hamstring spasms stopped and I was able to progress with my sprinting career.

That was over a decade ago. Since then, James moved his chiropractic clinic to the center of Eastbourne. I still see him or one of his chiropractors when I have aches and pains. I’ve seen a few other chiropractors at his clinic and they’ve all helped when I needed chiropractic treatment. It’s like everyone really cares and the treatment has always been helpful.

Mum and dad have both seen James for shoulder problems and a back problem too. Between us I think we’ve recommended half of Eastbourne to try chiropractic treatment and ideally try to get an appointment with James or one of his chiropractors. 

I would highly recommend the clinic and chiropractic treatment for any injury or any problem someone maybe suffering with. My advice would be to try chiropractic treatment rather than putting up with the pain and giving up on activities or sports you enjoy.

Donna's real patient Story


“I can’t recommend the practice highly enough. Everyone’s so friendly and they really care about your well-being.

As well as treatment they’ve recommended home exercises and postural changes too, rather than just treating the problems as they occur. I had treatment throughout my pregnancy, which was great.

Lushington Chiropractic are lovely, efficient, family-friendly practice with the staff willing to do as much as they can to help.

Thank you, Donna”

8 Weeks to 92 Years in One Day

I saw the following guests on the same day recently and thought it would be interesting to share on my website how chiropractic can be helpful for people of all ages and stages of life.

George's real patient story


George is one of our older guests. I’ve got plenty of guests in their 80’s but only a few nonagenarians. George is just 92 years young and uses chiropractic to keep on top of various arthritic aches in conjunction with his other core treatments and exercise. George believes in staying well rather than waiting for problems to build up. He dances, bowls, drives and uses chiropractic to help him maintain his active life. 

I’m honoured to be playing a part in that active lifestyle. 

I love helping George and so many like him with advice, treatment and coaching to stay as healthy as possible.

Gemma's real patient Story


Gemma was putting up with neck and back aches for some time before she was recommended here. Gemma’s is from Eastbourne but had not tried a chiropractor before coming to Lushington.

I carried out a consultation and we quickly found chiropractic could help her neck pain. I explained what her treatment plan would be.

Gemma’s just starting her chiropractic treatment and we look forward to really helping.

Rest assured I don’t usually ask my chiropractic guests for ad hoc photos. Thank you for the picture Gemma.

David's real patient story

Baby David came in when he was 8 weeks old . . . 

Baby David was born prematurely, with a difficult birth as he was one of twins. After his early arrival into the world David didn’t like turning his head and seemed to be in discomfort. 

Because David would only lie with his head turned to the left, his head had become flatter on that side because it’s so soft at that age and he was always lying on it.

David appeared tense and unable to relax. 

David’s parents were recommended to the clinic by a friend who had brought their baby here for a new-born check-up. 

Treatment for little ones like David is very gentle. I use my fingers to gently hold pressure points which allow the muscles to relax. It can look like hands-on-healing, because there’s not much to see. I find that babies usually respond really well with this type of gentle treatment. They are growing so much that even the tiniest bit of help makes a huge difference for them. 

David is doing really well with his paediatric chiropractic care. 

I’ve seen many children and babies in my career. I first saw a chiropractor when I was a child. It was amazed at the pain relief and obviously (seeing as I am a chiropactor myself) it was a life changing encounter for me. Since beginning my chiropractic studies back in 1998, paediatric chiropractic has always been important to me.

I love helping people with chiropractic. We have a fabulous and diverse local community of all ages and stages of life here in Eastbourne. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I can use a wide range of techniques, depending on what you need. The techniques, advice and chiropractic treatment plan I used with George was different to Gemma’s and baby David’s. Your chiropractic treatment will be personally tailored to you and your personal needs.

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